No-sweat contact forms

Don’t stress over backend anymore. Just write down your desired data outputs and labels.

We’ll do the cooking.

<form action="[]" method="POST">

<input type="text" placeholder="Name" name="name">

<input type="password" placeholder="Password" name="password">

<input type="submit" value="Submit">


MailBBQ will save you coding time.

Your form will behave.

No registration needed.

Perfecr for static pages.

Setting up it easy and free. Here's how:


Prepare it

Type down the desired fields you want for the form to have.


Spice it up

Edit or adjust the field types if needed.


Heat the grill

Send the form to confirm it.



From now on, you will receive the data as a forwarded email every time a form is submitted.

Not so frequently asked questions

Who are you?

We are just a group of ordinary people with extraordinary abbilities when it comes to building new products. And bbq!

What about privacy?

We don't store anything and you have nothing to worry about. Emails are sent using Amazon's Simple Email Service, so on that end, their privacy policies apply. Read them here.

How much does it cost?

It's free for 1000 submissions per email each month. Do you need more? Contact us in the form below.

Can I have more steak?

We have various interesting features enabled for our premium clients and we keep adding. Please reach out using the form below if you need something we still don't have.


$4.99 /month

Each premium account can have unlimited forms and unlimited verified emails.


We will be happy to write you back!